6 Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy and Adventurous Parents

‘Tis gift-giving season and I’m all for recommending gifts that help people create amazing memories as families. That’s what we do with mine. In fact, instead of buying gifts, for years my husband and I have spent money doing something together, whether it’s a meal out, a weekend getaway or a trip overnight in a hut somewhere. The outdoorsy and adventurous parents out there will always appreciate a gift that helps them fuel their passion for the great outdoors, and that also facilitates the process of bringing their little ones with them. So, what can you do to help them create those memories? Here are 6 gift ideas you might want to consider!

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21 Inspiring and Outdoorsy Parents You Should Meet: Their Blogs, Tips and More

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say: even better if that village shares your interests and some of your philosophy on child-rearing. Imagine my joy when I discovered a wonderful online community of other outdoorsy parents from throughout North America – from Alaska to Georgia, Alberta, Colorado and beyond. This group has been keen to collaborate on articles, share each other’s new blog posts, and also offer up tips on outdoor parenting. I thought it was high-time to feature a bunch of them!

I asked each one for their favourite posts and their tips for new parents who want to get in the outdoors. I hope you’ll be as inspired as I am by their wise and encouraging words.

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3 Lessons My Daughter Has Taught Me

I have always loved being a student, which is perhaps why I spend a considerable amount of time researching, reading, writing and processing information. And something that carries me through each day of parenting, whether I’m enjoying quiet play with my daughter at home, taking care of all the other ‘stuff’ in life, or spending time in the great outdoors, is the opportunity to learn from this new human being. I feel so privileged to be a student to such a humble and generous teacher each day. So, here’s a very short post today to share a bit of what Maya has taught me so far.

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