Review: Make My Belly Fit

Update (September 20, 2013) – Be sure to check out the note at the bottom of this post for important updates to this product, including wind-proofing and a new zippering system! 

WHERE did you get THAT?

Let’s just say I made a lot of women jealous over the holidays – well, women who have been through pregnancy before.

Back in November I was chatting with a friend about how hard it was to find a jacket that fits during pregnancy. After posting a cry for help on Facebook, searching through the second-hand store, and putting some of my own jackets under duress, I was running out of options. Not only was I looking for something that would fit over my belly, but something that I could also feel good in. I was on a quest to keep up my outdoor lifestyle (to some degree) and felt that having the right gear would keep me extra motivated. At the very least I wanted to stay warm and avoid having my zipper undo from the bottom up…again.

Then my friend told me about Make My Belly Fit, a company based in Montreal, Canada. I checked it out as soon as I got home and wrote to the company right away. I now had a solution to my problem.

Photo from

The jacket I’m wearing mine with is very similar to this one. Photo from

Make My Belly Fit makes an insert (called BBfit) that expands any jacket to make room for a growing belly, and (how handy is this?) a baby afterwards. If being used during pregnancy, a series of snaps keeps the top of the panel snug, while the rest of it fans out to make space. The BBfit ($35 CAD) is made of black, stretchy softshell material, while the “Winnipeg” Warmth Insert ($15 CAD) adds a fleece liner for harsher temperatures. Add on the Zip Adapters ($10-$15 CAD) your jacket requires and, voila, you have created your very own maternity jacket.

To order, you simply send the company all of the specifications of your jacket zippers using their online order form so that they can send you the right one. Check out their instructional videos for some extra help!

What I love about this product:

  • Make My Belly Fit allows a pregnant woman to feel a bit of normalcy. It feels good to be in your own clothing.
  • It is easy to use and rather stylish.
  • Husbands can keep their jackets. (Check out the story behind the company).
  • If you get your hands on one early and use it as soon as you start running out of room in your jacket, you really get your money’s worth.
  • You can expand the life of the product by using it for baby-carrying. Also, your partner can use it, so long as the zippers are compatible.

I couple things to consider:

  • The BBfit is made of water and wind resistant material, but even with the Warmth Insert I could feel the wind coming in through the panel on particularly cold, windy days. We’re talking really cold and windy, though, and it is fine most of the time. But, perhaps a more windproof treatment would do the trick.
  • The panel is too long for my jacket, so I have a two-inch section that hangs out the top of my jacket. I can see how it would be difficult for Make My Belly Fit to customize these panels even further, so it’s not a big deal. I simply tuck it in prior to snapping it up and that works.
  • Considering the price of each individual component and the life of the product, it would be neat for this company to consider a rental program. Because the zippers need to correspond to a jacket perfectly, it may be difficult for me to find someone who can use it afterwards.

Overall, I think Make My Belly Fit has done an incredible job of creating a product that really fulfills a need. Some women who saw mine jokingly said they’d consider having another child just so that they could use the product. I believe this shows just how women feel about finding jackets to wear through pregnancy.

I’d give it a 4.5/5!

Check out Make My Belly Fit online and on Facebook – and spread the word!

Thanks to Make My Belly Fit for discounting the BBfit, Warmth Insert and Zip Adapters so that I could give this product a try.

UPDATE from Make My Belly Fit:

We took heed to your comments and have since (this month) launched a whole new design. The base panel is completely wind proof (even without the fleece layer) and made from two layers of softshell. It passes the “stick it over your mouth and try to blow through it” test. Even more exciting though is the unique combination of zip parts that we’ve used. Last winter we found four types of zips to be the most popular and so we came up with a single panel that would work for all four; no zip adapter required meaning no extra cost for most customers and a good chance they’ll be able to use it on more than one jacket.

The simplicity of the new design also means customers can order online right away, providing that their jacket has at least one slider with VISLON and 5VS on the back. The criteria is as simple as that! No need to submit any zip information.

We do of course still offer custom adapters for all other YKK zips through our updated website (


20 responses to “Review: Make My Belly Fit

  1. Consider the following:
    I bought a maternity jacket for 50$, worth 100$. More or less what you paid. And you know what a maternity jacket looks like? A huge thing that makes you look fat. At least mine was. With this one, I am sure you looked pregnant. Important difference!

    Another winter/ spring baby and you’ll think this was VERY worth it! 🙂

    • I think it’s worth it with just one winter/spring baby. 🙂 Make My Belly Fit does fit in such a way that you do look pregnant – not simply draped in an over-sized piece of material!

  2. Reblogged this on THE CAMPSITE and commented:

    This product review over on The Adventures in Parenthood Project has been such a hit with outdoorsy parents that I thought I’d post it here on The Campsite so that this crowd doesn’t miss it!

    • I ordered it to go with my MEC puffy. My husband happened to have the same one so it was compatible with both (we used it with our front baby carrier a lot). Sounds like they’ve updated their zipper system so that perhaps it would be compatible with a few of your jackets. I liked using a puffy so that I didn’t need to layer when it was really cold out. The last thing you need when you’re pregnant is another layer of jacket that doesn’t fit! You’ll want to use it after baby is born, too. 🙂

  3. I tried ordering the BBfit for both my Patagonia and North Face puffy jackets and, unfortunately, they didn’t have zip adapters that worked with either of the zippers on these two jackets. I ended up wearing my puffy jacked completely unzipped for the last two months of my pregnancy (luckily April and May).

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  9. I read this post early in my second pregnancy and ordered one! I live in Whitehorse, Yukon and have used mine almost everyday – both with my rain jacket and with a couple of my down jackets. My little guy is four weeks old now and it is -30C outside and we are still able to get out for our daily walks! I am a big fan.

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