Review: Acadia Maternity and Nursing Poncho by Mountain Mama

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Acadia Maternity and Nursing Poncho from Mountain Mama. Photo by Susanica Tam.
Acadia Maternity and Nursing Poncho from Mountain Mama. Photo by Susanica Tam.

This time it’s an item I may not have picked out on my own, but I am sure glad to have in my closet! The Acadia Maternity and Nursing Poncho is just as it sounds – a maternity and nursing poncho! This “sweater” tents over the body, but has buttons sewn in so that you can create pseudo-sleeves. The poncho is thick and fleecy – just perfect for those cold winter days or, as as see up here in the Canadian Rockies, cold summer nights!

I didn’t wear it when I was pregnant because I was just so darn hot all the time (see more on that below), but for nursing while we are out camping, it rocks. We took the little one camping at just 10 weeks old (check out my 10 Tips for Camping with a Baby) and the Acadia let me nurse outdoors without worrying about my daughter getting cold. I just tucked her right up inside and used the Deep-V collar to peek in at her.  Fit-wise, it doesn’t matter too much because the poncho is meant to be roomy.

Here are some more tidbits for you:


  • The material is so warm, comfortable and cozy – just perfect for sitting outdoors.
  • It’s super having an outdoorsy cover-up for nursing, not so much for “covering up,” but keeping warm.
  • The hood keeps you nice and warm, and also blocks out the sun.
  • The pockets are great for storing things, but are also nice for putting your hands in to keep them warm.
  • The poncho seconds as a blanket.
  • You’ll have women asking you where you got it.
Hanging out on the picnic table on her first camping trip. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.
Hanging out on the picnic table on her first camping trip. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.


  • The poncho is quite bulky. I wouldn’t bring it along if I had to hike anywhere or carry it. That being said, it’s perfect for car camping!
  • I’d love it if the Deep-V neckline was deep enough to nurse from the top, rather than having to ‘go under’ with the kiddo. Perhaps just a deeper cut with a button would do. That way, if the kid is already quite bundled up they won’t get too warm underneath the poncho.
  • As I mentioned, it’s a bit too warm if you’re a preggo who is radiating heat already. I definitely couldn’t wear it indoors. But I was also pregnant in wintertime, and wasn’t spending time outdoors without a jacket on (the poncho is too bulky to wear under a jacket). The Acadia would be perfect for women who are pregnant in spring, summer or fall and just need a warm layer to fight off the chill.

Overall I’d give it 4.75/5 (add that deeper V at the collar and it’s a 5!).

Thanks, Mountain Mama, for sending along this product to me for review.

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Author: Meghan J. Ward

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