Review and Giveaway: Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover and SnuggleBoots

Any baby-wearing parent living in a cooler climate knows that dressing for the cold can be a challenge. Put the jacket on under the carrier or over? Dress the baby warmly, or use a blanket? Front-of-mind is the fact that the baby’s torso will be warm against a parent’s body, but their backside is exposed. Some carriers are better at cutting through wind and cold than others, but for the most part do not provide insulation.

So, when Kowalli asked me to try out their baby carrier cover, I was definitely game.  And with some hikes planned for the fall, I asked them to throw in a pair of SnuggleBoots, too. Booties “designed to stay on baby’s feet” (according to their website)? Heck, yeah, I’ll try them.

Here’s what I discovered about these products (stay tuned for the giveaway at the end!).

The Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover.
Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover.

I gave the Kowalli a test-drive with two baby carriers that are the same style, but made of different materials: the BobaAir (a lightweight carrier made of nylon) and the Boba 3G Baby Carrier (a more heavy-duty cotton carrier). In general, I dressed my upper body with enough layers so that my arms would be warm, but compensated for the warmth that the baby and Kowalli would provide by not wearing as heavy a jacket as I normally would in autumn.

I found the Kowalli easy to pull on over my head, and to take off by sliding it back down my body (as their instructions recommend). But, my daughter wasn’t a fan of having it pulled over her head, and I discovered it was actually easier for me to step into the Kowalli and pull it up and over from below, then put my arm through and cinch the material in. No complaints from baby that way.

Baby in the Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.
Baby in the Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.

One of the nicest things about the Kowalli is not having to dress the baby in so many layers before heading out. On mildly cool days I could leave my daughter in whatever she was wearing that day and just use the Kowalli and a hat to keep her warm. Other days, I’d add a fleece hoody for additional warmth. One thing I’d love to see is a version that can be worn under a backpack so that I can take it hiking. As it stands, I would likely overheat in the current model, but perhaps a version with a front panel only would be of use to outdoorsy folks.

Finally, I really loved the kangaroo pocket at the front. It feels nice to hug or hold your baby while you’re walking – even nicer to do it from the inside of a toasty pocket!

Overall I’d give it 4.5/5!


Kowalli SnuggleBoots
Kowalli SnuggleBoots

I tested these out on a hike to Skoki Lodge, a backcountry lodge where I spent two nights with my husband and daughter. She was six months old at the time, and we were expecting sub-zero temperatures and snow on our way in. The tricky thing with carrying a baby while hiking is that whether you are using a front or back carrier, the baby’s feet are exposed (unless they are small enough to fit froggy style inside a carrier).  I was a bit nervous about keeping my daughter warm, and was thankful to have the SnuggleBoots on hand to keep her feet as toasty as possible.

Overall, the SnuggleBoots did the trick. While I think the gusty winds still cut through the Polartec fleece (her feet were a tad cold upon our arrival at the lodge), I wasn’t concerned about frostbite. My daughter didn’t complain at all, so I figured she was warm enough. I put socks on her feet inside the booties, and made sure to roll up the ankles to add extra warmth to her legs as well.

Hiking into Skoki Lodge with my daughter on the front in the Kowalli SnuggleBoots. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.
Hiking into Skoki Lodge with my daughter on the front in the Kowalli SnuggleBoots. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.

My kiddo has this way of kicking off socks, boots, booties – whatever you put on her feet. Did the SnuggleBoots stay on? For the most part, yes! The elastic in the Snuggleboots kept them on – no problem. I did discover you have to make sure that the material hasn’t gathered around the elastic in order to make sure the foot is sitting as far into the bootie as possible (otherwise, yes, they will fall off, which drove my husband crazy). Reshaping the bootie before putting them on was key to ensuring they stayed on.

Overall I’d give them 5/5!

Thanks to Kowalli for sending me the baby carrier cover and SnuggleBoots for review. 


Win yourself a Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover in any colour (eligible to be shipped to the Continental US and Canada).

Two steps to enter:

1. Answer this question in the comments below: If you won, where would you go with your Kowalli?

2. Like Kowalli on Facebook! 

A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, October 25 at 5pm MST.  You must provide a valid email address with your entry. 

Author: Meghan J. Ward

Meghan J. Ward is an outdoor, travel and adventure writer based in Banff, Canada, and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Meghan has written several books, as well as produced content for films, anthologies, blogs and some of North America’s top outdoor, fitness and adventure publications. She has a forthcoming travel memoir (Fall 2022), to published by Rocky Mountain Books.

42 thoughts

  1. I would take my 4 month old hiking at a local park, Half Day Woods in Vernon Hills, Illinois. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. We plan to take our baby to the same place my parents toke me at 3 months old – their (very secluded) cabin on the Nahanni River (NWT). Although the cabin is now government property – my parents built it in 1978.

  3. This looks awesome! With baby #2 on the way and due in late winter, I’m on the lookout for warm baby-wearing items again! With my son I had a peekaru fleece vest, which was definitely warm, but the Kowalli looks a lot less bulky, so I’d love to give it a try! As far as where we’d take it…gosh just about anywhere it was cold!

  4. I’m due any day now and can’t wait to take the little one hiking once we settle into our new routine. By that time frame though, it’ll be the dead of winter, so anything to keep her a little warmer would be fabulous! We live along the east bench of the Wasatch in Salt Lake City, so I foresee lots of hikes this winter exploring the many canyons surrounding our house!

  5. My husband was (at one point, during infancy) the youngest to do the Chilkoot Trail. Of course this was 31yrs ago, but I’d love to take our 10mth old on the same adventure his dad did 🙂

  6. My hubby talks our son for a walk before bed every night, most often my son falls asleep in his carrier. Now that the weather is getting much cooler we have to dress him up in lots of layers before the walk. It’s such a shame to have to take off layers and risk waking a sleeping baby (we all know how precious that is) when they come home. This would certainly help us!! My boys love their bedtime walk 🙂

  7. I’d leave my house! I have 3 kids under 3 yrs and Banff (Canada ) winter get to be sooo cold we can’t even leave the house! I’d love to win this so I can snuggle my baby and take the kids for a walk:)

  8. I would take my little guy hiking in the mountains in Canmore, and to a back country lodge, and anywhere else our heart’s desire.

  9. I would take my baby up into the mountains for our big Christmas Tree finding family day. But more so, we have a ton of hikes into the Mountains that we would go on. Also, I think I would carry him into the stores more this way knowing that he is able to stay warm and covered while mom shops!

  10. I would take all my kids, including my 6 week old, with my husband and go hiking through Vermont in the fall to watch the changing of the leaves.

  11. I’d take our girl disc golfing here in Whitehorse! Incidentally, you may remember me, I was a pal of your sister L in high school…I found your blog reading up and link surfing through Yukon snow biking blogs! Congrats on your girl and your cool life 🙂 if you talk to L please pass on my hellos and well wishes. Marianne

  12. If I won… First of all I wouldn’t need to wear my husband’s huge buffalo plaid jacket, over the baby and me. This means, without the embarrassment, I’d use it everywhere! Wisconsin is always cold- Snow shoeing, hiking, walking, grocery shopping, running errands, etc.

  13. I have been dying to have a Kowalli for baby #1 on the way. I would use it for our long outdoor hikes with our pup in the many parks here in PA. We spend a lot of time out there and this would make our comfort so much easier to achieve!

  14. I would wear the Kowalli around Lake Louise. Our baby is due right in the middle of winter and one of my favourite winter places is Lake Louise! The trip would have to involve a walk around the lake with a hot chocolate 🙂

  15. I didn’t totally get how it worked until I went to their site and saw the one-shoulder design. Makes more sense now! I would use this at work when I want to do a quick walk with my baby (since he comes to the office with me) or at home/around town for quick jaunts out. I have a “bellyfit” panel for my rain coat if it’s raining out, but just for cold this would be great! Though I see what you mean about hiking; I’m not sure it would work with a backpack on (in addition to the front pack).

  16. By the way, I love that photo of you two heading in to the lodge. But can I ask why you have both the front pack and the bigger pack? My son isn’t big enough for the frame pack yet, but I’m thinking you know something I don’t and I’m always up for learning some tricks for when the time comes!! Plus, you have a Boba 3G and Air? Is it worth having both? I have an Ergo and feel like I’m extravagant lusting after the Boba Air… Do they really have separate uses? Thanks!

    1. Good question, Dani! That was the first time we’d used the Deuter backpack on a backcountry trip. On other day trips, my daughter didn’t mind it but did always love it, and we needed a back-up in case (hence the BobaAir). That way we could keep walking when she got tired of the backpack. My personal preference is the 3G but it was far too bulky to also carry in addition to all our gear. My husband is a professional photographer and carries A LOT of photo gear, so it’s not easy to split the loads for group gear between us when I’m also carrying the baby. I’ll be doing a review of the BobaAir soon. It serves the same purpose as the 3G but is much more lightweight and “stashable”.

  17. Baby #1 is due at the end of November and I’m constantly on the lookout for gear that will make it possible for me & the bambino to be outside often despite cold Buffalo winters! 🙂

  18. I love the Kowalli and would take my grand babies in it to Algonquin Park which is my most favourite park to camp and hike. Thank you! I would love to win!

  19. If I won I would take my soon-to-be born 2nd son to our zoo! The temps here have started to drop and my 21 month old is zoo obsessed. I’m due with baby #2 in a week and the Kowalli would really come in handy when we make our weekly zoo outing!

  20. If I won, I would go everywhere with it. I’m from Hawaii and I’m still getting used to the weather and getting dressed for it. And now I have to worry about keeping my lil one warm!

  21. My baby girl (2 1/2 months) and I go walking everyday to a nearby provincial park. She can be quite spirited (some people might use the term fussy) but she loves going for walks in the boba carrier! Sometimes it seems like it’s the only thing that can calm her, and it gives my arms a much needed break! With colder temperatures quickly approaching, the Kowalli Cover would be great to have on our long walks! I’ll have to look into those SnuggleBoots too! Thanks for all of the great info in this article! 🙂

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