Review: 7 A.M. ENFANT Blanket 212evolution and Pookie Poncho

When the snow began to fall here in the Canadian Rockies, I immediately started to think about what I could do outdoors with my baby girl. Whatever we did, she’d have to be able to ride on me or in a sled or Chariot. I would also have to able to keep her warm. While I would be working up a sweat walking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, she’d be sitting still and getting cold.

So, I was excited when information about 7 A.M. ENFANT‘s products landed in my inbox. One glance at the bunting bags made by the New York-based company, and I had a feeling I had just found what I needed to keep Maya warm and cozy through winter walks and activities. While 7 A.M. ENFANT is designed for urban living, the company was keen to expand into the outdoor adventure market, and agreed to send me the BLANKET 212evolution and Pookie Poncho to test-drive. To maximize their usage, I enlisted the help of Carolyn, another outdoor-loving mama here in Banff.

BLANKET 212evolution

Blanket 212evolutionBuilt with thermal filling and a waterproof shell, the BLANKET 212evolution ($189 USD) was exactly what I needed this past winter. It adapts to all strollers, and carseats, and also converts into a large blanket. Slits in the back of the material allow you to pull the straps of your stroller through so that you can keep your baby secure. The bag wraps all the way around and zips in the front, fully cocooning the baby as a sleeping bag would. Zippers along the front and bottom allow you to expand the bag as your child grows, and a cinching feature on the hood tightens it around your baby’s head and face to keep the wind and cold out. Installation is super easy, making it convenient to switch the BLANKET 212evolution from, in our case, a stroller to a sled.

The best thing about it was how worry-free I was about my daughter’s temperature, even on very cold days. We pulled Maya around in her sled on Lake Louise when it was -37 Celsius outside. Bundled up in her snowsuit and slipped into the BLANKET 212evolution, she came out toasty warm at the end of the adventure. I also used it pulling her behind me on skis, zipping around on a skating rink, and most often, walking around town on the coldest of days. When the temperatures were warmer, we hardly had to bundle her up underneath the blanket, making it quick and easy to get out of the house (I think every parent living in a cold climate knows how time-consuming it can be to get the baby ready to go outdoors!).

The only thing that bugged me was how the straps would slip out of the slits in the back of the blanket, so I’d have to go fishing for them when I was putting Maya back into the Chariot. There is velcro along the slits that you can close to keep the straps from slipping out. Perhaps some snaps here would be more secure as the velcro can pull apart.

Overall, we love it, and so does our daughter. I would highly recommend the BLANKET 212evolution to any parent who wants to spend some longer days outside in the winter or enjoy winter adventures without worrying about the baby’s temperature. The price is right for the quality, convenience, versatility and warmth of this product.

Pookie Poncho

Pookie Poncho Carolyn gave the Pookie Poncho ($118 USD) a test-drive with her daughter, Sierra. Unlike the BLANKET 212evolution which wraps all the way around the baby, the Pookie Poncho functions more like a thermal blanket, and can be used with both a baby carrier and any stroller/carseat. It has interchangeable hoods depending on how it is being used, and cinches tightly around the baby to ensure maximum warmth. Here were Carolyn’s notes for use in a stroller and a baby carrier.


I tried this in a Chariot with the headrest insert. Even with the extra hardware to work around, the Pookie Poncho was easy to use, and attached well.  The poncho added welcome warmth without the messy factor of loose blankets that Sierra could kick off.  It kept her warm and cozy on long cross-country ski trips, and was equally great for walking around town, especially when I had to put her in and take her out repeatedly.

The Pookie Poncho took no time to install, and only a few extra minutes were required to attach the hood. I appreciated that I could leave the hood off on warm days, and how when it was on it added extra warmth behind the baby’s shoulders. The hood is quite large and doesn’t cinch, which might be a safety precaution. While it adds extra warmth and helps to keep the heat near baby’s head, you still need to put a hat on the baby. Also, the back cinches around the stroller straps, but leaves an opening. In the Chariot that means the baby’s back would be exposed, so I tucked a blanket behind Sierra’s back to block the wind. Sierra still came out toasty warm after long periods in the stroller.

Baby Carrier

The Pookie Poncho layers over any carrier, with a stretchy strap on either side that velcros around your carrier’s straps, making it simple, efficient, and quick to install. At 8-months-old, Sierra mostly rides on my front, facing out in the Baby Bjorn, with her legs dangling straight down. This almost makes her too long to have the Pookie Poncho attached above her shoulders, but the poncho can be installed lower down. (This wouldn’t be an issue in a carrier that holds the baby’s legs higher). Prior to using the Pookie Poncho, I  hiked with a blanket wrapped around Sierra’s legs, so this is a much better system!

The zipper down the front of the poncho provides great access to baby without having to remove the whole poncho from the carrier.  This is a nice feature if you need to check on the baby, re-adjust, or open it up if your little one is too warm.

I liked how a smaller hood is included for use with a baby carrier. It installs easily with snaps so that the baby can face inwards or outwards. While the smaller hood is the perfect size and adds extra warmth, it doesn’t have a way to cinch it, so you need to put a hat on the baby on colder days. I also liked how when the baby is in an outward-facing position, there are little slots that baby’s arms can slide through. Sierra seemed to like having her arms unrestricted.

Overall, I loved using this warm, straightforward system in both my Chariot and over my Bjorn! The price point is very reasonable for the versatility and functionality of this product.

Thanks to 7 A.M. ENFANT for sending these products for review. 

Author: Meghan J. Ward

Meghan J. Ward is an outdoor, travel and adventure writer based in Banff, Canada, and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Meghan has written several books, as well as produced content for films, anthologies, blogs and some of North America’s top outdoor, fitness and adventure publications. She has a forthcoming travel memoir (Fall 2022), to published by Rocky Mountain Books.

16 thoughts

  1. I have been eyeing both these products since Christmas (the 7am Enfant website was sold out of the colours I wanted, so I’ve been patiently waiting). I’d love the 212Evolution Blanket to use with the Chariot on extra cold days (especially for snowshoeing and cross country skiing), but am also tempted by the Pookie Poncho, as it is more versatile and can be used with both my Boba 3G and the Chariot. I can’t really justify buying both, as my little guy is 8 months (and big for his age), so will likely outgrow them by the end of next winter. How does the insulation of the 212Evolution compare to the Pookie Poncho? I have a Patagonia down bunting suit that I currently use for my little guy when I put him in the Chariot when the temperature drops below 0C and figured I could throw a sheepskin in there if the temperature got colder than -10C. If I’ve got him in a fleece onesie, could I forego the snowsuit with the 212Evolution Blanket and the Pookie Poncho (in the Chariot) or would I still need to put him in his snowsuit to keep him warm (assuming an ambient temperature of -10C to -20C)? Also, it looks like the 212Evolution blanket could double as a sleeping bag for shoulder season tent camping. Am I correct in assuming this?

    1. Hi there! If you had to choose one, I’d go with the 212evolution. It expands (actually has extra panels that zip in) that should then expand how long you can use it for. It is very warm, but on really cold days (-20 or colder) I’ll still put my daughter in a warmer snowsuit and zip her in. Otherwise, she just goes in a fleece suit. The 212 evolution could definitely double as a sleeping bag (or unzip for a warm blanket)! The Pookie Poncho is really only one-sided. It’s quite versatile. I don’t know about you but I carry my daughter more when it’s warmer – it’s just too bulky to load her into the Boba sometimes with all those layers. By the warmer months I won’t need such a warm cover when I’m carrying her in the baby carrier. So, the 212evolution should serve me (and you) a bit better. Hope that helps!

  2. I ended up buying the 212 evolution based on your review. I used it almost every day to run outside with my little guy in up to -10C temperatures from Feb to May. Last week, we went car camping in Mount Fernie Provincial Park with him (he’s now 14 months) and I used the 212 evolution as his sleeping bag in the tent (placed on top of an IKEA blow up change pad and between my and my husband’s downmats. We left it unzipped when we put him to bed, as it was warm outside, but I zipped it up between 3-5am each night, when he woke up to nurse. I see us getting at least another 1-2 years use out of it. What a great product!

    1. That is so wonderful! I also envisioned the 212 evolution making a perfect sleeping bag for a little person. I doubt mine would lay still enough to sleep in it, but perhaps when she’s a little less wiggly (if that’s possible!)

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