Review and Giveaway: MyMayu Muddy Munchkins Boots

There are some products you don’t even know you’ll need until you go through the process of trying a million others, only to realize that none of them do the trick. Thankfully, Suzanne from MyMayu, a North Vancouver-based company, intervened before I had the chance to see my toddler fall flat on her face because of loose and clunky rubber boots. I didn’t need to see it happen to know that it was possible. Suzanne sent a pair of MyMayu Muddy Munchkin boots ($48.95 USD) and liners ($16.95 USD) in the mail for Maya to try, and right away I saw their potential as the perfect play boot for rainy, muddy days.

MyMayu's Muddy Munchkins Boots. Photo by Meghan J. Ward
MyMayu’s Muddy Munchkins Boots. Photo by Meghan J. Ward

Unlike traditional rubber boots, MyMayu’s Muddy Munchkin boots are lightweight, and feature a rubber sole and waterproof, breathable nylon upper that works like a built-in gaiter. The upper cinches at the top to keep water out, as well as at the ankle to keep the boots secure, keeping your toddler dry and safe. These boots also come with a fleece liner – perfect for colder days.

What I Love:

-Fun, playful styles.

-Easy to wipe clean (you can also throw them in the washing machine on a cold, delicate cycle).

-Being lightweight and compressible, they are easy to pack and take with you wherever you’re travelling.

-Toddlers can safely run, jump and climb in these boots without the risk of tripping or the boots falling off.

-You don’t have to change your kid’s pants and socks when you go inside after a messy playtime outdoors!

-The liners are easy to insert by first putting them on your child’s feet and then slipping them into the Muddy Munchkins.

My daughter running down the back alley behind our house in her MyMayu Muddy Munchkin boots. Photo Meghan J. Ward.
My daughter running down the back alley behind our house in her MyMayu Muddy Munchkin boots. Photo Meghan J. Ward.

Things to Consider:

-With a squirmy toddler, at times these can be challenging to put on. Most of the time, I win. 🙂

-Be sure to cinch the ankle toggle securely, as this is what ultimately holds the boot on.

Overall, I love this product and would recommend it to any parents with young children. Whenever Maya is wearing them in town I get comments from people – parents and non – about how smart these boots are. They would make a great gift for someone you know!

Look for MyMayu’s new product line, coming Spring 2015!

Learn more about the inspiration behind the boots here.


We’re giving away one pair of Muddy Munchkins! A winner (from Canada only) can choose the style and size from MyMayu’s current stock. Enter by November 7, 2014, at 11:59pm.

→ Enter here! 

Look for MyMayu online:

Thanks to MyMayu for sending the Muddy Munchkin boots and liners for review. 

Author: Meghan J. Ward

Meghan J. Ward is an outdoor, travel and adventure writer based in Banff, Canada, and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Meghan has written several books, as well as produced content for films, anthologies, blogs and some of North America’s top outdoor, fitness and adventure publications. She has a forthcoming travel memoir (Fall 2022), to published by Rocky Mountain Books.

23 thoughts

  1. My daughter loves being outside, and I never want weather to be a reason she can’t. So great to see innovative products like this that won’t stop her from crawling around on wet grass, or exploring wet leaves and puddles in the park. Genius.

  2. We’ve already had a few face plants due to the clunky rubber boots and even slightly more streamlined bogs so I’m ready to give these a try whether we win a pair of not!! **Fingers crossed**

  3. These look great!! My daughter’s tiny little feet are too small for almost all rubber boots – but she is active and dying to be out in the muck!!

    1. Hi Jennifer – So far I have used them on the coldest of fall days, and they have kept my daughter’s toes pretty toasty. I would be hesitant to let her play in the snow on a really cold day in them, or at least I’d check her toes to see if they were warm enough. I bet they would be OK for a short walk even in the winter if the air temperature wasn’t too cold.

  4. I love the height, the weight, the compact-ness (is that even a word?) I’ve been looking for the right gear to get us outside more during inclement weather, and this looks like just what we need!

  5. I bought some of the boots after hearing of them from you. I LOVE THEM!! It’s only been 3 days but we’ve used them every day and Cody has such fun playing in the water now. No more cold wet feet! Definitely one of those “everyone should have” kid items, at least for rainy places.

  6. I like the fact that you can take the liners out and use them in warm weather unlike most snow boots. It would be great to have boots that would work for multiple seasons.
    Thanks for the chance!

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