Review: KidORCA Rain Boots

Kids are attracted to puddles like a moth to the light. It’s inevitable that your child will go straight for the water, no matter how deep, and as a parent, I love that! It’s important for children to explore, be free, and have fun.

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Reviews and Fall Favourites from Aventura Clothing

My criteria for great clothing is quite straightforward: it needs to be 1) comfortable (no cutting in anywhere) 2) durable (I have a busy, toddler-messy lifestyle) 3) good-looking but not too glamorous (it simply isn’t my style, if I had one!). Thankfully, this Fall I was introduced to Aventura Clothing when they asked me to come on board as one of their Canadian ambassadors. Based in the Sierra Nevadas, this lifestyle apparel brand has started to win me over, mainly because it fulfills my three criteria and because I like to support companies that are making efforts to product eco-friendly clothing.

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