Review: Acadia Maternity and Nursing Poncho by Mountain Mama

This time it’s an item I may not have picked out on my own, but I am sure glad to have in my closet! The Acadia Maternity and Nursing Poncho is just as it sounds – a maternity and nursing poncho! This “sweater” tents over the body, but has buttons sewn in so that you can create pseudo-sleeves. The poncho is thick and fleecy – just perfect for those cold winter days or, as as see up here in the Canadian Rockies, cold summer nights!

Review: Trinity Maternity Hiking Pant by Mountain Mama

I have had the Trinity Maternity Hiking Pant in my possession since the beginning of my pregnancy. And while I’m almost eight weeks postpartum, I have waited until now to post a review because these pants, like many products from Mountain Mama, are made to be worn before, during and after pregnancy. I thought I’d put that claim to the test.

Review: Isabelle Maternity Midi Dress by Mountain Mama

I know what I’ll be wearing a lot this holiday season, and even though I don’t have much choice, this dress would be my “go to” regardless. Outdoorsy gals need to dress up from time to time, especially around Christmas when people like to get all decked out when they gather with friends and family. Thankfully, Mountain Mama sent me a maternity dress to try out. Based on people’s compliments, I’d say they’ve done a pretty amazing job with this piece!