How (Not) to Cross a Glacier in a Thunderstorm While You’re Pregnant

One of the hardest things for me to navigate when I found out I was pregnant was how far I could reasonably push myself. I wasn’t interested in trying to prove something or impress, only to discover where my limits were now that I had a little human growing inside of me.

Joining All the Mountain Mamas

I’ve got interviews with and waiting to be posted, but this past week I received news that made a certain little announcement imperative to post. This past week, Mountain Mama, the maternity wear company for women who play outside, asked me to come on board as a brand ambassador! Yes, so what this means is that…

From Brokenness to a Boler: Chris Nelmes

My conversation with Chris went in a direction I could never have predicted. For weeks I’d been talking to outdoor adventurers of all kinds, none who had ever lost sight of the role that their outdoor passions play in their lives (or at least they hadn’t mentioned it). But though he had enjoyed outdoor activities since he was a kid and truly needed the outdoors to keep a clear mind, Chris went through a stage just prior to having kids when the rat race really took over and his commitment to the outdoors evaporated.

Why Not Bring the Kids? Andrew and Jessica Averett

You’ll find this happy crew of five rafting, backpacking, biking, camping, hiking and skiing whenever they get the chance. It takes a lot of planning and preparation (just check out this post on Tips for Camping with an Infant), but one trip after another, they are proving that it just takes a bit of creativity and research to pursue adventurous activities with your kids.