Resources for Adventurous Parents

Compiling this list of resources (articles, blogs, videos) is an ongoing project in itself. If you have any links you think I should add, please Contact Me. Don’t forget to look at the project Partners and News for additional resources. Thanks! – Meghan


Blogs and Websites

Being Active During Pregnancy

The Transition to Parenthood

Profiles of Inspiring Parents

Taking Risks Outdoors as Parents

Adventuring Outdoors with Kids

Family Backpacking and Travelling

Gear for Active Families and Mamas

Hot Topics

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  1. Under “Blogs” I would add the “Crazy Guy on a Bike” website, specifically, with their journals flagged as being “with kids” (you can use the link on the L-hand side of the page, or just go here):

    Lots of inspiring stories of families that have done bike-camping trips of many flavors, from a quick overnight trip a few miles from home to multi-year, multi-continent adventures.

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