4 Things I Learned From a Trip Gone Wrong

This past weekend, Maya and I were seeking refuge from a cold day in Jasper by tucking into the Parks Canada Visitor’s Centre. Endless whining-turned-crying suggested her feet were cold. No wonder: she had kicked off her winter boots and had only her socks to break the cold wind. Beyond finding warmth for us, my mission there was to find a phone because my cell had just died two seconds after texting my husband: I need help. Will call a taxi if I don’t hear back in 10 minutes. Poor guy had no idea what I was referring to and, like any loving father, reverted to near-panic mode.

Finding Balance as a Mother and Mountaineer: Hilaree O’Neill

Outside Magazine called her the “Mother on the Mountain”. Back in November 2013, I had the chance to interview The North Face athlete, Hilaree O’Neill, about the ongoing balancing act between her career as a ski mountaineer and as a mother of two young boys. What’s it like to climb Everest with two young kids back at home? How does she manage risk? What lessons has she learned over the years?

3 Lessons My Daughter Has Taught Me

I have always loved being a student, which is perhaps why I spend a considerable amount of time researching, reading, writing and processing information. And something that carries me through each day of parenting, whether I’m enjoying quiet play with my daughter at home, taking care of all the other ‘stuff’ in life, or spending time in the great outdoors, is the opportunity to learn from this new human being. I feel so privileged to be a student to such a humble and generous teacher each day. So, here’s a very short post today to share a bit of what Maya has taught me so far.