The Ultimate Alpine Start

It’s 2 am. After one of my many trips to the washroom, I lie awake in bed thinking about the other times I have spent awake at this time of day. This hour has become very familiar to me throughout this pregnancy. But the wee hours of the morning are also familiar to me on a very different level. Beyond the all-nighters I spent studying and writing through university, I associate these precious early hours with very fond memories of alpine starts in the mountains.

Facing the Giant at Healy Pass

Now here I stood, facing the giant of Mt. Assiniboine en route to Healy Pass. A range of emotions washed over me as I came to terms with everything that mountain represented for me. Just two years ago, I was climbing hard, out every weekend and tackling the largest peaks in The Rockies. Now, here I stood, struggling to catch a breath as I meandered my way up a trail on a day hike.