Tropics, Travel, Toddler: 5 Essentials to Bring Along

Travel with a toddler can create enough stresses on its own. We found our last trip was made easier by adjusting our travel style and bringing along items that alleviated the draining effects of caring for a busy little toddler while away from home. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it definitely highlights our favourite items.

3 Tips to Make a Family Adventure a Success

I feared that the little one was not born to be wild and that we were imposing our way of travelling on her. As it turned out, my fear was baseless and our trip was a great experience for all three of us. I’d love to share some findings of how we approached different aspects of the trip to make it a success.

7 Tips for Hiking with a Toddler

All toddlers are inherently busy and explorative, so if you have two-foot-high trail buddy in tow, these tips should come in handy.
Though the newness of doing outdoor activities with a baby can be overwhelming, once that little person sleeps less and walks more, you’ve got a whole new set of wonderful (and totally manageable) challenges to contend with. Of course, this depends on your toddler. Some can sit longer than others. Some sleep anywhere. Mine is a restless little ball of energy who doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Either way, all toddlers are inherently busy and explorative, so if you have two-foot-high trail buddy in tow, these tips should come in handy.